Presentation: – “Innovations in improving the agriculture productivity cycle – Lessons from Dacia Farms”.

For John McCormick, farming is a tradition. His ability to help his farm evolve over the years earned him the title of “Georgia Farmer of the Year.”


He is a very diversified farmer who has used modern technology to help improve the profitability and sustainability of this farm. (He’s used) variable-rate irrigation and GPS on his tractor and has adopted conservation tillage on his land.


McCormick started farming with his father as a child, but he didn’t decide it was how he wanted to spend his life until high school, when he undertook a series of projects through Georgia 4-H. His father allowed him to use part of his land for the 4-H projects, and he learned to love the experimental nature of farming — trying new things and seeing if they would improve his crop.


Over his 42-year career, McCormick has never stopped experimenting and trying to make his operation better. Starting in 1974 as a Bulloch County, Georgia, tobacco farmer, he has diversified his crops and embraced new technologies that have allowed him to improve his yields with fewer resources and to care for the land.


Over the years, McCormick’s focus has been on improving the efficiency and sustainability of his farm and leaving his land in better shape than it was when he bought it.


“(Our goal is) to reduce erosion, improve soil health and use the latest, best management practices that are available and applicable,” McCormick wrote. “Due to ongoing research, the goals have evolved through the years and will continue to change as research unveils new ways to improve soil health and produce more crops with higher yields on less acreage.”